Tara Babcock - Insert Coin Clothing

2012 in review

It’s hard to start a new website/blog, when there are so many posts to be made about previous work, and so much currently happening.  There’s no possible way to look back, while looking forward at the same time.  Yet, I have a freaky obsession about posting in chronological order, so I have to do something…

Here’s a very brief review, to show at least a few projects from 2012.
There are so many more shoots I’d like to include, but never enough time to do everything.


Tara Babcock - Insert Coin Clothing Tara Babcock - Insert Coin ClothingWe did some work for Insert Coin Clothing.

Oceans on FireMet the band Oceans on Fire, and shot some album cover concepts.

Garrett Gibbons
Finally got to work with the great Garret Gibbons.


Gallery of my printed work at ISH Vintage ClothingGallery showing of some of my work at ISH Vintage Clothing during ArtWalk.

Shortly after that my website crashed (can’t even log in anymore).

About the same time our personal website crashed too (had to start rebuilding from scratch, not even close to being caught up).


Las Vegas Wedding  Las Vegas Wedding

My first time in Las Vegas.  I don’t always shoot weddings, but when I do…

Las Vegas Wedding  Las Vegas Wedding
It’s not that I can’t shoot a ‘traditional’ wedding,
I just have so much more fun doing it my way.

Las Vegas Wedding

It’s nice to work with couples who have a similar appetite for the ‘unconventional’.

Las Vegas Wedding

Las Vegas Wedding


Road-Trip Photo ShootMy wife (Crime of Fashion Hair and Makeup) and I embarked upon our first Road-Trip Photo Shoot (if you don’t count the Las Vegas wedding).  Since this was our last 2012 event, I’ll actually be posting it in detail very soon.  Some of those images have already been featured on the cosmetic companies’ websites.

These were just a few highlights from 2012.  I feel sad thinking about all of the 2012 (and even some of 2011) events I’m not able to include here, because there were so many.  But since everything is starting new this year (including this website), things will be much better from now on.

In fact, 2013 is already off to a good start, and I’ve partially satisfied my freaky obsession about posting in chronological order.  There are a few more shoots from 2012 that I’ll need to post (since the projects will carry into 2013), and those will be categorized under 2012 – catch up post.

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