Our Luggage

San Francisco Road Trip was a huge success!

We absolutely loved our visit to San Francisco!  This was our first visit, and our original plan was to shoot 2 days, and have 3 days for sight-seeing.  But our casting-call generated such an overwhelming response, that we decided to add an extra day of shooting.

All of the sight-seeing, and personal stuff will be on our other website: http://jared-jenny.com just as soon as I get caught up rebuilding that website (long story).

Although we were cooped-up in our hotel room for 3 days straight, and didn’t get much time to go out and explore the city; the best part of the city (and surrounding areas) came to us.  During those three days, we met some really special people, had a wonderful time working closely with each one of them, and made some great new friends as we shared an experience together.

As much as it goes against my freaky obsession about posting everything in chronological order, I can’t wait to give you a brief preview of our trip, so you’ll know what to expect when the final images are ready.

After lots of research, we chose to stay at The Steinhart Hotel. It has so much history and character, and was perfect for this photo shoot marathon.  More hotel pictures to follow on jared-jenny.com, but here’s a quick look at what we had to work with.

Steinhart Hotel

This hotel offers studios, and one-bedroom apartments with kitchens, etc.  The Murphy-bed folds up into the wall, giving us complete floor space, and a handy mirror for “The Reveal“.

There was plenty of room for shooting, and even an ‘office’ for our computers.   We plugged our tablet into the TV and streamed Pandora so we had music, and there was a closet for our luggage and props.  We even did part of one shoot in the bathroom on the last day.

Steinhart Hotel - Kitchen Hair/MakeupThe kitchen made an excellent hair and makeup station for Crime of Fashion.

We shot 10 themes in 3 days!  At the end of each day, we were tired, hungry, and satisfied.  We got to bed late, and did it all over again the next day.

Here’s a compilation of our team photos after each shoot.

Lost in Space CadetLost in Space Cadet – with Jasmine

Parisian DameParisian Dame – With Karina

Tomorrow's MarilynTomorrow’s Marilyn – with Raven Le Fay

Cowardly Courageous LionCowardly Courageous Lion – with Alyssa

La Fee VerteLa Fee Verte – with Samantha

Retro AviatressRetro Aviatress – with Krista

Chic Urban CowboyChic Urban Cowboy – with Veronica

Billie Holiday ReduxBillie Holiday Redux – with Elyse Elaine

DJ GeishaDJ Geisha – with Brooke

We didn’t get a group picture on one of the themes, and were so bummed.  It was Jenny’s childhood friend, who drove almost 2 hours to come meet us, and have some custom Steampunk Pregnancy pictures taken.  We may be posting those, as well.

We traveled one bag heavier than our last Road-Trip Photo Shoot experience, and we learned a few more tricks since then (like not flying Delta Airlines).

Our Luggage

Checking our 4 largest bags would have cost $320 each way on Delta.  We flew Alaska, and did it for about half that!

Bottled water in an empty camera bag makes an excellent counter-weight for my boom-stand.  But any leftovers had to be dumped at the TSA checkpoint.

As we were packing to leave the hotel, Jenny said “Next time we go through a TSA checkpoint, let’s look for a lane that has women agents.  They’re more likely to understand (and appreciate) all my makeup; and less likely to ask dumb questions, like ‘are you a makeup artist, or something?'”  As usual, she was right, and the only extra thing we had to deal with was Jenny’s “hamster” (airbrush compressor) getting scrutinized by TSA, and wiped down for explosives.

Now the work begins, as I sift through images and begin processing (while also keeping up with my back-log of unprocessed images from other shoots).  Each one of these themes will be given its own post very soon (and so will the other shoots, I promise).

So much more to show everyone, as soon as I get the images ready.

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