Madison Wisconsin Road Trip

2012 Road-Trip Photo Shoot (preview)

Here’s a preview of an upcoming review …if that even makes sense.

There are so many recent shoots I need to post, but I’m constantly struggling with my freaky obsession of posting everything in chronological order.  Which means I need to start catching up ASAP, so here goes:

In December 2012, Jenny (Crime of Fashion Hair and Makeup) and I headed to Madison Wisconsin for our first Road-Trip Photo Shoot.  This was the adventure that started a tradition (possibly even an addiction).

Madison Wisconsin Road Trip

Our plan?  Meet new people and shoot them, the best way we know how.  OK the plan was a little more involved than that…

This was actually our 1-year anniversary, and we had already booked a bed & breakfast in Vancouver BC.  A couple days after booking it, I found out that I had to be in Madison Wisconsin for another function, at that exact time!

Madison Concourse Hotel - 14th floor
We got a nice suite on the 14th floor of the Madison Concourse Hotel.

Crime of Fashion Hair and Makeup

Jenny had finally finished assembling her makeup kit (although it will never be complete), and we went together.  But before leaving, we booked a few shoots so she could break it in.

Madison Wisconsin Road-Trip Photo Shoot

It turned out even better than we had planned.  Not only were we able to shoot 6 models in our hotel room, but we also made 6 new friends, and brought 6 themes to life, and started a Road-Trip Photo Shoot tradition.

Chicago - Cloud Gate

After it was all over, we were even able to spend a few extra days in Chicago, and have our anniversary there.  More info on that can be found on our ‘personal’ website, but not until after I get caught up on rebuilding it.

The next post will be day-1 of our Madison Wisconsin Road-Trip Photo Shoot.  Coming soon!

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