Strut to end Alz


I had the privilege of photographing the “Strut to End Alz” charity fashion show and silent auction last month at the Hotel Monaco Seattle, organized by David M Bailey and Monica Razniewski.


Part of the proceeds went toward the Alzheimer’s Association, and the Sigma Kappa Foundation matched event donations to the Alzheimer’s Association dollar for dollar.

The fashion show featured the work of three very talented designers:

Karen Ashley Fashion
Couture Papillon

Here is a brief selection of images from the evening.

20150117-195512-MK3_6469-med20150117-195738-MK3_6555-med20150117-195832-MK3_6580-med 20150117-195931-MK3_6621-med 20150117-200032-MK3_6664-med 20150117-200145-MK3_6699-med 20150117-200346-MK3_6786-med 20150117-200431-MK3_6825-med 20150117-200616-MK3_6883-med 20150117-200751-MK3_6956-med20150117-200909-MK3_7014-med

Music was provided by DJ Martini.

My girl came along, and I’m so glad she did (beyond obvious reasons), because we were only using available lighting in the Paris Ballroom, which was very limited, and presented unique challenges.  I had her shoot wide and I shot long.  With both of us shooting, we managed to get some decent images in less-than-ideal lighting.

20150117-203201-MK3_7072-med 20150117-203245-MK3_7107-med 20150117-203318-MK3_7127-med 20150117-203406-MK3_7155-med 20150117-203436-MK3_7179-med 20150117-203646-MK3_7273-med 20150117-203844-MK3_7362-med 20150117-203928-MK3_7389-med 20150117-204018-MK3_7440-med 20150117-204111-MK3_7488-med 20150117-204140-MK3_7502-med 20150117-204232-MK3_7534-med 20150117-204322-MK2_1241-med

With moving subjects under difficult lighting, autofocus was less than reliable.  I’m embarrassed to say how many total images we shot, but I will quietly say that we threw out more images than we kept.  Even though the images weren’t always as sharp as I would have liked, it turned out much better than I had expected.


20150117-205336-MK3_7584-med 20150117-205518-MK3_7589-med 20150117-210415-MK3_7632-med 20150117-210517-MK3_7668-med 20150117-210606-MK3_7693-med 20150117-210820-MK3_7789-med 20150117-210852-MK3_7806-med 20150117-210932-MK3_7829-med 20150117-211010-MK3_7860-med 20150117-211016-MK3_7867-med 20150117-211129-MK3_7913-med 20150117-211214-MK3_7944-med 20150117-211308-MK3_7985-med 20150117-211317-MK3_7998-med 20150117-211325-MK3_8004-med 20150117-211448-MK3_8048-med


I regret missing the opportunity to get pictures of the auction items, but will definitely include that next time.

20150117-212208-MK3_8098-med 20150117-212336-MK3_8118-med 20150117-212451-MK3_8125-med 20150117-213019-MK3_8144-med

So many pictures, I would never be able to fit them all into this post.  The full set of images can be found here on Google+, or Facebook, or SmugMug.


Here are some other great articles about the event:

Sasha Glenn – Fashion Meets Philanthropy in Seattle
Seungkyul Park – Fashion for a Cause
Lesley Haenny – Recap: Strut To End Alz Fashion Show And Auction 2015 In Seattle


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